AI Face Identification Temperature Monitoring

AI Face Identification and Temperature Monitoring

Using Artificial Intelligence and infrared cameras, faces of groups of people are analysed, identified and skin temperature is monitored.

AI Face Identification Temperature Monitoring and Attendance Management System,

Uses Face Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection ,Movable Face Identification, Thermal Imaging, Non-contact quick temperature detection management platform.

  • Smart Facial Identification
  • Abnormal Temperature Alarm
  • Non-contact Detection
  • AI Data Analysis
  • 24 Hours Non-stop Work
  • Display Real-time Temperature detection data,Abnormal Temperature alarm times with function of statistics classification on detected passengers
  • Accurate Face Identification and  Temperature Detection
  • High Accuracy over 99.8%
  • Face Identification Distance ≥2.5m
  • Temperature Error within 0.3℃
  • Fast Temperature Detection
  • Single passageway face identification speed reaches over 30 people/second
  • Powerful SAAS Cloud Big data platform
  • Remotely real-time monitoring on Temperature detection data and alarm report