FP3 Starter Fingerprint Clocking Solution

Simple convenient clocking

FP3 Starter
FP3 – Starter Fingerprint Reader

FP3 is a simple Self Service wall-mounted fingerprint clocking system.

It has a fashionable and elegant appearance and its 2.4 inch TFT displays information vividly and clearly. The high speed and the stable algorithm gives quick reliable scanning.

The FP3 does its own reports which can be viewed in Excel.

A USB port is standard to make sure that user can download or upload data easily.

Ideal for smaller organisations where the convenience of USB stick downloads will avoid additional LAN cables.


 Colour TFT screen with GUI Interface for ease of use.
 Scratch-proof Optical Sensor
 1 touch a-second user recognition
 Stores 1000 templates and 100,000 transactions
 Reads Fingerprint, Password
 Built-in USB port allows for manual download or upload data
 Built-in reporting, shift setting,
 Real-time 1-touch data export
 Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers

Attractive PROMO price. Call for a free quote 0860 100 854.