Mobile Clocking

Simple Employee Time Tracking

using smartphones

Managing your employees in real time is simple.  They punch in online or using one of our time clock apps.
Easy integration with your accounting software as well as leading payroll providers.  When it comes time to run payroll you
click to export or download to Excel, CSV, or PDF.  Easy for you, easy for your employees.

Integrate our time clock tracking data with your Clockwatch software

Buddy Punch integrates with the Clockwatch time and attendance system, so you can simplify your entire management process and record workers hours thereby increase their performance. This is ideal for small business owners looking to track employee time and attendance or shifts.

Click here to get all the details of BuddyPunch and to try it out for free.

By using this link to our partner’s web site you create a connection between Itatec and Buddypunch on your behalf. You are then able to get support from ITATEC and also can order the linkage to CLOCKWATCH for extensive time and attendance reporting.

CLOCKWATCH also enables you to post clocking times directly into most of the popular payroll programs at the click of a button.