FACE5 – Effective Face Recognition Reader

Clocking with FACE5
Stand alone Facial Recognition Scanner

The FACE CLOCK 5 brings in the new era of clocking and access technology. This solves those disadvantages of fingerprint identification by providing a NO TOUCH solution.
Using advanced identification firmware the scanner identifies in less than 1sec.
The scanner will work perfectly in dim or dark areas. It has a bright clear display with touch functionality which makes it easy to set up and operate.
It identifies all types of faces and even those with glasses and beards.
Built in software generates basic clocking reports which download to a USB memory stick and can be
viewed and printed in Excel.

Product Specifications:

Face Capacity: 300
Logs Capacity: 200,000
Display: 4.3inch Touch Screen
Standard Functions: Self-Service Query
Simple access control
Verification Speed: < 1s
Communication: TCP/IP, USB host, USB client, Wiegand output
Capture distance: 30-80cm
Ambient light: 0-50000Lux
Power Supply: 12V 2A
Operating Temperature: 0โ„ƒ-45โ„ƒ
Loud internal bell for signaling start and end times
One year warranty