Face Recognition with Temperature Detection – FaceWatch TA

Reads Temperature.

Hygienic – No Touch Avoids Spread of Virus and Germs


F05T normal temperature
FAceWatch TA identifies face – normal temperature
F05T High Temperature Detected
No access when high temperature detected.

Clocking and Access Control

with Temperature Check

And reduce the spread of illness in the workplace.

  • Avoid fingerprints transferring disease by providing a NO TOUCH solution.
  • It has a bright clear display with touch screen – easy to set up and operate.
  • It identifies all types of faces and even those with glasses and beards.
  • Basic software generates simple clocking reports,
  • Management software on the computer system for downloads and setup. Connect via LAN.
  • Optional Cloud Program to enable remote access.
  • Can be wired to open doors and turnstiles.

Product Specifications:

Display: 5″ Capacitive LCD touch screen
Communication: TCP/IP,WIFI
FRR: <0.1%
FAR: <0.001%
Power supply: DC 12V , 2A
Operating system: LINUX
User capacity:3000
Record Capacity: 1,000,000
Identification style:Visible Light Facial Recognition, PIN, face & PIN
Identification Mode::1:1, 1:N
Face recognition time:: <0.2S
Intelligent function:: Live face detection
Detection rang:0.5-3m
Alarm output::1 set
Wiegand::In, out
Temperature measurement function
Temperature detection distance: 0.5 meter;
Detection error is 0.5℃,
Detection minimum unit : 0.1℃
Support USB Flash Driver Download for the excel files of detailed
temperature detection record and attendance report