Access Control and Clocking Readers

Itatec offers a comprehensive range of access control and clocking products including:

  • Fingerprint readers
  • Face Recognition scanners
  • RFID card readers

 Access Control Readers

T5 Pro Fingerprint Access Reader

T5 webCompact design and many features makes the T5 Pro an ideal fingerprint and card based access control reader.
  • Small in size and compact in design for easy installation on a doorframe.
  • User enrollment on the unit or in the management software on the computer.
  • Upgrade existing card based systems to the higher security of biometrics.
  • Built in relay, Wiegand output, door-open sensor and RFID card reader.
  • Combines with the T5 Slave reader for a complete door control system.

M5 Advanced Outdoor Fingerprint Reader

M5 Advanced Outdoor Fingerprint Reader
M5 Advanced Outdoor Fingerprint Reader
 M5 is a new generation of simple fingerprint time attendance and access control readers.
  • Fast fingerprint identification is combined with a compact design to unveil the smallest time attendance and access control reader.
  • LED indicators and buzzer for visual and audio feedback
  • Waterproof so ideal for outdoor applications
  • Vandal resistant stainless steel case



VF30 Fingerprint Access Control

VF30 web VF30 fingerprint access control and time attendance is a professional access control system developed for small to medium size businesses.
  • It integrates fingerprint identification, RFID, tamper alarm, time attendance and access control functions.
  • The VF30 has a high quality musical buzzer, multiple language display, user friendly interface and powerful communication functions.
  • The VF30 is suitable for data management in various environments.

  • It comes with functional background management software, compatible with various types of database. It supports time zone and group access control for high security level.
  • It is versatile, convenient and multifunctional.


Time-and-Attendance Readers


T8 Fingerprint with Touch Screen
T8 Fingerprint with Touch Screen



  • FP7 is the mid-range wall-mounted fingerprint time attendance recorder with a bright colourful appearance
  • Use fingerprint, cards or PIN to clock.
  • LAN or USB connections available.

Face Recognition Scanners

FaceWatch Economical face recognition and basic access control

The FaceWatch – the NO TOUCH identification solution.
Using advanced identification firmware the scanner identifies in less than 1sec.

It has a bright clear display and is easy to set up and operate.

Step up the the device and it recognises you and logs your clocking.

FW02 Advanced Visual Light Face Recognition

Visual Light Face Recognition

Dynamic face recognition with visible light.

Recognises one out of 10000 stored faces.

Wi-Fi or cabled link to LAN and internet

Other Devices

UBIO USB Fingerprint Reader

UBIO USB enrollment reader
UBIO USB enrollment reader


Ideal enrollment reader for Access Control or Time-and-Attendance applications.

Anviz Distributors

As a South African distributor of Anviz products, Itatec offers special deals and affordable options for a wide range of Anviz readers and software applications. These high quality Anviz readers are ideal for companies that are constrained by budget considerations.

Specially trained technicians offer full support, and our advanced Time-and-Attendance software enables full integration with your payroll system.

IDEMIA – Sagem Biometrics / Morpho Readers

Sagem-Morpho recently renamed “IDEMIA”, is one of the world leaders in biometrics. These technically advanced readers, offering an impressive range of features, can be linked through a data network and seamlessly integrated with our management software.

Ordering Products

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