In these times of Global Crisis over spread of virus, use temperature to block sick people. Face Recognition identifies registered staff.

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Portable Clocking

Have your clocking at remote sites connected to your headoffice over the internet or cellphone network.

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Show a face to clock or to enter the office. Use our FaceWatch S Reader to ensure that only approved people open the office door and clock in for work.

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Keeping Records

The law requires that you keep records of staff attendance. A simple desk-top reader will automate the process and also give you useful reports.

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Clocking Systems for Time and Attendance and Access Control

Our Clocking Systems Contribute To Your Success:


Time & Attendance Solutions

  • Clocking systems with biometric fingerprints or face scanning.
  • Our hardware and software that seamlessly integrates with most payroll packages (incl. Softline Pastel and VIP).
  • Gives you accurate employee time and attendance records, and precise reporting.
  • Saves time, money and energy effectively.
  • Improve and increase productivity and ROI with advanced time and attendance systems & access control solutions.
  • Suitable for most and various industries from construction sites, to schools, to small businesses, to large corporates.
  • Safeguard Your Timekeeping – No Buddy Clocking

With Itatec’s advanced time-and-attendance systems, you’ll never have to worry about cheating or manipulation of time sheets.

Biometric fingerprint readers ensure that nobody can clock IN or OUT for anyone else. Integration into your payroll software means no more manual calculation of hours worked.

Our time-and-attendance software accurately transfers hours worked – no more extra work for you. As a distributor of Anviz biometric readers, Itatec offers affordable systems; unmatched after-sales support; hardware swap-outs and maintenance options to ensure no down-time.

Face Scanners – the new no touch clocking system

Bad fingerprints in some companies are a reason that biometric clocking is not used. The alternative is the face scanner which quickly identifies the person and registers their clocking without touching the reader.

See Face Scanner page for more information.

Secure Your Premises With Advanced Access Control

  • With our biometric access control solutions, you can manage entry into your premises and movement between different areas.
  • Ensure security within your premises.
  • Assign accessible areas to staff members.
  • Monitor movement between secure areas and maintain a full record of all access.
  • Restrict sensitive areas such as healthcare, medical supplies, surgery suites, offices and more.
  • Gain better control over secondary entrances.
  • Biometric readers operate by scanning fingerprints, so you’ll always know who went where, and for how long.

Read about access control options that are suitable for your premises.

Unique Range of Portable and Wireless Clocking Solutions

Itatec has a range of biometric readers housed in strong fibreglass boxes for use in  construction,  farming, cleaning, sub-contracting and many other situations where the  clocking must take place away from the main premises.

Systems which communicate over the Internet or over the GSM cellphone network ensure that up to date clockings reach the office on time for processing of payroll and managing staff.

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Enterprise time management  – Centralized calculation of staff time

Enterprises with many sites need clocking data at a central office. Itatec delivers ideal solutions for large scale organizations using connectivity over WAN, Internet or cellphone networks.

See Enterprise Clocking Systems.

Clocking solutions for schools 


See how we can help you run your school efficiently and improve the safety of your teachers staff and learners.

Click here – School Systems

Great Prices and Special Offers on Fingerprint Readers and more!

Contact us today to find out more; experience our professional hardware and software installations, training and support, and take advantage of our special offers and low prices on Anviz readers, Sagem / Morpho readers, Clockwatch software and more.

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