Itatec Software: Time & Attendance

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See how you can reap the maximum benefits from our software with seamless integration and accurate reports.

Itatec provides software that integrates our time-and-attendance management systems with a wide range of biometric readers.

This software integrates seamlessly with most payroll applications, inter alia, Softline VIP and Pastel, allowing for automatic calculation of hours worked. Your payroll will thus produce accurate payslips without any additional effort.

If you’re still on a manual system, our software will save you time and money. By adding electronic access control, you gain the only truly accurate method of monitoring attendance.

Time-and-Attendance Software

We offer the following software solutions:

Clockwatch Time-and-Attendance Software

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Our own in-house software package is reliable and dependable, proven over years of continuous development and refinement, ensuring that we are up-to-date with time-and-attendance needs over a wide range of industries.

The software is able to integrate seamlessly with Pastel, VIP, and most other payroll systems, Clockwatch ensures honest and accurate time and attendance reporting. See our Clockwatch Web Site

Cwbio Network Management Software


Connect any number of Morpho (Sagem) readers together into an integrated network. This advanced software provides a number of unique features designed to improve your effective control over access points, and-time-and attendance monitoring.

Purchasing Software

Please contact us on 011 264 0530. We will help you to find the software that best suits your company’s needs.We also offer demonstrations of our software; training on the software and remote support.