Clocking for school staff and learners

Know if learners are at school
Know if staff are on time

Itatec can supply a variety of clocking systems to suit all the various time and attendance monitoring needs at a school, and also access control when needed.

Case studies

This school has a problem keeping track of learners who come late. They chose to use a portable fingerprint reader and as someone arrives after start time he has to scan his fingerprint so that there is a record of the late arrival.

The principal of this large school has heard that children who are not enrolled at his school often come into the school grounds to make contact and possibly have a bad influence on the learners during the breaks. He implemented an access control system that as each child arrives, they gain access by scanning their fingerprint.

The parents have requested that the school notify them if their child is not at school. The school ordered clocking stations for each classroom and the admin office generates a absentee report each day soon after the start time. They then message parents of any child who has not arrived at school.

A school uses a number of part-time teachers to teach specialised subjects. They come in only for their classes. Administration notices that they are not always on tome but cannot take action without records. These teachers now register their arrival and departures on a fingerprint reader and a perfect time report is generated each week.

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