Face5 Standalone Facial Recognition System

Our Face5 offers a perfect hands free time and attendance solution.

Face5 is a breakthrough in innovation. The  powerful hardware platform ensures that the terminal identification speed is less than 1 second. The advanced infrared light source enables the terminal to ensure illumination, even in total darkness.

It is an appropriate security device for any user regardless of complexion, facial expression, hairstyle, and facial hair.

Product Specifications:

  • 300 Users, 10000 Records big capacity
  • Dual Cameras respectively for  verification
  • Auto switch on face verification
  • Voice and LED Prompt guarantees best user experience
  • Touch Screen for convenient and stable use
  • USB flashdrive data download, TCP/IP connectivity
  • Useful web server function for convenient use and set up
  • Dynamic digital keyboard
  • Inbuilt RTC and Scheduled Bell guarantee accurate and convenient time management
  • Advanced infrared light source design enables the terminal to work well in changing illumination even in * total darkness
  • Applicable to any users no matter with different complexions, genders, facial expressions, beards and hair styles.
  • One year warranty