Anviz Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint readers are excellent and accurate managemnet information tools and are widely available. But, in order to get the quality you are looking for, you need to choose the right brand. If you want *quality*, *reliability* and *affordable prices*, then the *ANVIZ* fingerprint reader is for you.

A state-of-the-art fingerprint terminal is the *ANVIZ OA1000*. This terminal can be used stand-alone for access control purposes or used with the integrated software (included) for a full time-and-attendance solution. The OA1000 can also be set for any combination of identification: fingerprint, password, and access cards. It can even secure fingerprint-only entry. And this is all done with an elegant reader and easy-to-use interface.

With a fingerprint capacity of 3 000 finger prints, you can add 1 500 users – capturing the index fingers on each hand (or any other finger),you can even enroll more than two fingers, but then with fewer users – it’s all up to you.
The inbuilt camera allows you to capture photographs for each user. It can also be set to log snap-shots of authorised persons as they clock-in on the device. The software allows you to assign working hours to each user. Reports are generated of times clocked and access granted. The OA1000 can be directly accessed or accessed from your computer via USB, or over a network using TCP/IP Ethernet connection. There are also options for Wi-Fi connectivity, MiFare card reader and HID card reader.

The Anviz USB Fingerprint Reader

Its special features include:

  • a driver CD
  •  Korean industrial design
  •  the *ANVIZ* optical sensor which is not affected by dirty, sweaty or dry fingers
  • a latent fingerprint image removal which is resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock
  • SDK is included for software development.

The OA1000 is Unique

The package:

  • has brand-name arts
  • comes with a guarantee as well as a warranty
  • is a green product
  • is affordable
  •  comes in attractive packaging
  • offers outstanding product performance
  •  includes quality approvals
  •  is supported by experienced staff
  •  has a good reputation and after sales support
  • proffers high speed image collection and high quality images
  •  is an easily accesible and efficient access management tool

With its unique features you are sure to stay well-informed about personnel movements within your company.

The OA1000 comes with great features yet is very affordable – you don’t have to pay much for something that will benefit you in the long run.