Clockwatch Time-and-Attendance Software

Time-and-Attendance systems are a low-cost, customizable time-tracking solution. *Anviz* hardware features keypad, LCD display and your selection of proximity, or biometric options. Hardware also includes features for optional access control at a door or gate.

Some readers may also be used in dual reader applications. Dual card-readers permit the use of separate card-reader devices for ENTRY and EXIT.


Time-and-Attendance readers feature a card-reader option.
The readers can also utilize an Ethernet TCP/IP interface for communication with a host computer. Using your Windows software or other application software, the host computer can perform actions such as adding employees; configuring terminals; monitoring card access; viewing hours; and more. Optional access control is available for controlling access to doors and/or gates. The system is customizable to suit your needs. The low-cost *ANVIZ* terminal may be purchased directly from the supplier – *Itatec*.

The terminal …

  •  is compatible with dual-reader applications and comes with optional door or gate access control
  •  is completely customizable
  •  has an on-board, battery-backed employee database
  • offers CSV output files which are compatible with database and spreadsheet applications

There is also a biometric fingerprint reader option, proffering:

  • selectable access modes – either card-and-fingerprint fingerprint only or card-only
  •  communications options
  •  firmware upgrade capability

Most of these systems, at a fraction of the cost, offer features found in more sophisticated end products. This low initial outlay is made possible because terminal units are purchased directly from the core-partner and South African distributor. So you will be purchasing the best at a very reasonable price. This is a huge advantage!.