Time And Attendance Management System

With thousands and thousands of employees working in many companies around the world, the need for an efficient organizational system or programs is vital.

There are many companies offering time management solutions that replace paper-based calculations. The monitoring of employee work hours for the entire organization and the control of various important statistics, such as accrued benefits, can now be electronically calculated.

However, many employees resent the introduction of these systems – replacing old habits is even harder than replacing software or paper-based timekeeping methods!

Benefits of using a Time-and-Attendance Management System

Think of a time sheet or an employee card-based attendance system found in most organizations… the objective is to determine the attendance and time spent at work for each employee.

By harnessing the speed of computers, hours worked by the staff are quickly and accurately calculated and time sheets effortlessly generated. Anomaly reports such as days absent, late coming and abuse of paid breaks can be easily programmed into the calculations.

Reliable and Easy to Use

Our in-house time-and-attendance software – *Clockwatch* – has evolved over more than ten years. On-going feedback from some of the hundreds of users is incorporated and applied to refine and constantly improve our software – giving you the best value for your money.

Easy to Upload into most Payroll Systems

After time sheets have been generated, the hours worked are ready to be imported into your Payroll program. *Clockwatch* seamlessly integrate with “Brilliant”, “Softline Pastel”, “VIP”, “Paymaster”, “Payslip”, “Q-Data”, “Easipay”, “Accsys”, “Paywise”, and many others that are continually being offered in the market place.

No Irregularities

Clocking data is stored on your computer. All changes are highlighted on the time sheets for you and your employees to check. Any irregularity is matched exactly to the employee or software administrator through unique identifying methods (e.g. fingerprint or bar-coded cards).

Accurate Calculation

*Clockwatch* software accurately calculates every addition or change to an employee’s time sheet – for every day, week or month – whenever your company rules and work parameters are changed or compromised.
Time-sheets are easily comprehended by employees and administrative staff. Salary payments are accurately imported into your payroll package and can be compared to the employees’ time sheets should there be a query.
Employees are happy that they are being paid for the actual hours worked and companies are happy that hours worked are accurately calculated and no employee will be short- or over-paid.

Change in the Security Industry

Change in the security industry is inevitable:
Times and seasons change, so does technology. Each day presents something new in the field of technology: so it is critical for companies, organizations and government to keep up to date with security developments.

The security industry, in particular, feels the impact of changing needs throughout the world. Persons in the security industry, including government institutions that deal with security, are compelled to keep up with this constant change in technology.

A time is coming where physical characteristics of employees (eyes, faces, behaviour aspects, signature or voice recognition) will be used to permit access to certain areas. In fact, some manufacturers of biometric readers, for example Anviz, are offering such devices – that is why Itatec has agreed to a core partnership with Anviz to distribute and support Anviz’s exciting wide range of products. We believe that the success of each Anviz product in the market is based on unique features that distinguish it from like products.

The current wave of change taking place in the security/biometric industry is inevitable because of more specific requirements for unbridgeable security systems. Researchers have highlighted the necessity to use physical characteristics to secure data and control access to buildings.
The directors of many companies are realizing the importance of time-and-attendance to their companies. There is, therefore, a demand for biometric devices which can perform the dual functions of employee recognition and time-and-attendance. Anviz T50, T60, VF30, OA1000 or AO1000 Mercury, combine this 2–in-1 function and are easy-to-use and to install. Because companies have differing access control and time-and-attendance needs, devices that manage access control or time-and-attendance are the Anviz D100, D200, EP300 and A300. In all, these devices save money, time and electricity.

The fact is that the South African security industry has been using fingerprint and card readers for many years. And Itatec has been able to meet the needs of many organizations. But we cannot shy away from upgrading current systems. It is important for companies to keep up-to-date with changes in biometric technology.