Installing Access Control Systems

To install a hardwired access control security system, you will need a professional technician.

We recommend the following installation strategy :

Before you begin installation of your wireless security access control system, you will need to ascertain where to place the control panel and window and door sensors.

Install the Control Panel

The first item that you will install is the control panel. The control panel should be easily accessible, (we suggest that it be installed close to the front door, and within easy range of an outlet and a phone jack).
This installation only requires that you drill holes into the wall and screw the control panel into place (use anchors if you’re not screwing into a stud). For greater security, you can run the power cord inside the wall. Failing that, it is best to keep the control panel out of view. If an agency will be monitoring your access system, run a line from the phone jack to the control panel.

Install the Sensors

The next step is to install sensors. We recommend that sensors be placed on all easily accessible windows and doors. Thus, if someone attempts to open the windows or doors while the alarm is on, the alarm will ring. To install the sensors, drill into the frames of the doors and windows. One part of the sensor will go onto the frame, and the other on the window or door. Ensure that the two parts line up properly. Breaching the contact point between the two parts of the sensor will set off the alarm. In some instances you might need to use an adhesive patch to hold the sensors in place.

Set up the Access Control System

With the hardware in place you’re ready to set up the wireless security access control system. (Full instructions are in the user manual.) First you’ll need to verify that the control panel and all the sensors are communicating. If not, you might need to alter the frequency of the sensors. Then set your own security code for the control panel – *never use a default code*. This code should be easy to remember but not obvious. Key in your unique code and set it as outlined in the user manual. Turn the system on.
To test the system, leave the house and close the door. Then go back into the house. The alarm will sound in about 30 seconds. You can then switch the alarm off.